Wet Cleaning

Fine Replenish

Wetcleaning Finish, Conditioner, and Color Guard

Unique, water-based restorer for adding luster, deepening color, and minimizing the chalky appearance of black items and some fabrics. Part of the Fine Clean product line for professional wetcleaning.

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Fine Texture

Combination Wetcleaning Sizing and Conditioner

Combination sizing and conditioner.  Designed for use in wetcleaning wools, silks, rayons and other fine fabrics.  Helps to prevent felting and shrinkage during drying.  Gives body and increased dimensional stability to fabric for soft, full hand.  Speeds finishing and prevents static cling.  Part of the Fine Clean product line for professional wetcleaning.  

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Aqua Size

Sizing for Laundry and Wetcleaning

Sizing product designed to reduce finishing time on laundered garments.  Restores the original feel and crispness to fabrics, providing a firmer finish to wetcleaned items.  Safe for all fabrics that can be wetcleaned or laundered.  Ideal for tuxedo shirts.

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Soften All

Fabric Softener

Liquid softener and conditioner.  Eliminates static and excessive linting.  Used in the 5-Part Laundry system and in other professional laundry and wetcleaning applications.

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