Wet-Side Combination Spotter

Ready-to-use wet-dry spotter for treatment of stains such as gravy, meat juices, food, ice cream, latex paint, salad dressings and unknown stains.  Contains neutral lubricant to prevent pilling.

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Wet-Side Neutral Lubricant

Neutra is a wet-side spotting agent and neutral synthetic detergent that removes water-soluble stains.  It is stable to acid or alkali, increasing the effectiveness of specialized wet-side spotters like BPR or Super Tan+.  Used to remove soil, albumin, blood, certain inks, lipstick, beverage, fruit stains, perspiration, and salad oils.  Also works as a lubricant to prevent piling. 

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H/C Too

Combination Spotter for Hydrocarbon Systems

Hyrdrocarbon-based semi--wet spotter used to remove combination stains like gravy, ice cream, latex pain and salad dressing.  For use in all petroleum and hydrocarbon systems.  Use on the spotting board or as a no-rinse pretreatment.  Contains no chlorinated solvents.

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Hydro Spot

Combination POG

Combination wet/dry oily-type stain treatment used in the removal of paint, grease, salad oils, cosmetics, adhesives, inks and other tough stains.  For use in drycleaning, wetcleaing or laundry.

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Super Tan+

Wet-Side Tannin Stain Remover

Slightly acidic, Super Tan+ is useful on many food and plant based stains like coffee, sugar, fruit juices and soft drinks.  When used with Neutra or Tergit, it helps speed up stain removal by breaking down the surface tension on the fibers.  Level with Easy Out to prevent circles and rings when dry cleaning.

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Collar Solution

Collar and Cuff Scrub

Water-based formula developed to remove grease and oil stains.  Safe on all fabrics and colors that are washable.

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Wet-Side Protein Stain Remover

Use BPR to remove blood, milk, eggs, mud, perspiration and body discharge.  BPR can be safely used on silks and wools without causing fiber damage.  When used after applying Neutra, it will help speed up the process of stain removal.

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Laundry Wetspo

Wet-Side Biodegradable POG

An advanced water-based paint, oil, grease, lipstick, shoe polish, ink and wax remover that can be placed into the wash wheel after spotting.  Laundry Wetspo is biodegradable. 

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