Dry-Side POG for use in GreenEarth Systems

Paint, oil, and grease remover for use with GreenEarth solvent.  Also removes lipstick and makeup stains.

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Dry-Side VDS

Volatile dry solvent used for stains like cosmetics, tars, ink, grease and paint.  A quick-penetrating, quick evaporating solvent, excellent for touch-ups and removing greasy, oily soil.  Safe for all fabrics.  May be used with all solvents.

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(American POG) Dry-Side Oily Type Stain Remover 

All-purpose paint, oil and grease remover.  Efficiently and economically removes paint, varnish, grease, shoe polish, tar, salad oils, cosmetics, ink and many other hard-to-remove stains.  Penetrates and lubricates to soften hardened stains for easy removal.

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Dry-Side POG

Advanced formula spotter with concentrated penetrating power to remove such stains such as oil, paint, machine and motor oil, salad and cooking oil, wax, cosmetics and inks.  Can be applied by spotting bottle, spray and brush.

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