Dry Cleaning

Advance Kleen

Charge or Injection Detergent and Conditioner

Advance Kleen enhances cleaning performance in Green Earth cleaning systems.  Advance Kleen controls moisture, boosts soil removal and reduces redeposition, while conditioners help with finishing.

Controls moisture, boosts soil removal, reduces redeposition, eliminates static cling. 

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Combination Injection Detergent with Sizing

Merit combines detergent and sizing for use in Green Earth cleaning systems.  Use in a one-bath or two-bath cleaning process, as an injection detergent.  Merit provides quality cleaning results, imparts body to the garments and improves finishing.

Combination product, easy to use, provides quality cleaning, easy finishing.

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GE Detergent

Anionic Injection Detergent for use in Green Earth

GE Detergent offers the dry cleaner a detergent that improves cleaning and controls redeposition.  Contains conditioners and antistatic agents.

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