Boiler Compound

Premier formulation for improving the efficiency, increasing the life expectancy and reducing the maintenance costs of boiler systems. Boiler Compound breaks down the scale that forms in a boiler, which can reduce heat transfer; it also destroys oxygen which can cause corrosive pitting, and finally carbonic acid is neutralized, which if unchecked can corrode steam piping.

Typical Application

Boiler Compound is added daily to the return tank of the boiler at a level that will treat the boiler for the entire operating day. Recommended blow down procedures should also be followed to remove the sludge and sediment that has settled in the boiler.


Boiler CompoundAvailable SKUs:

BC01G          6 gallon Case

BC06P          6 gallon Pail

BC20D         20 gallon Drum

BC55D         55 gallon Drum