Old Blue

Liquid Starch

Heavy duty liquid starch. Natural and synthetic blend that provides body and stiffness to all types of fabric.  Allows fabric to remain pliable and wrinkle resistant. 

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Instant Powder Starch

Instant powder starch formulated to give shirts and other laundered garments a crisp finish.  This starch dissolves readily and disperses easily in warm water. Does not require the use of starch cooker for the quality starch look. 

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Soft Sour

Combination Liquid Sour and Fabric Softener

Soft Sour combines the neutralizing capabilities of Adco Liquid Sour with softeners and conditioners. Eliminates static and excessive linting.

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Laundry Collar and Cuff Pre-spotter

Remarkable and effective collar and cuff pre-spotter. Specially formulated for shirt laundries.  Combines both dry-side and wet-side spotting agents that penetrate and break up greasy, ground-in soils and hard-to-remove fatty acids.  Rinses in cold or hot water.  Contains no chlorinated solvents, harsh alkalies or bleach.  Will not damage fabrics or finishes.

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Swan Cote Aerosol

Aerosol Laundry Stain Repellent

Stain repellent with Fabriguard UV protection. Effective for restoration, drapery cleaning and similar items. 

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Soft 'N Fresh

Softeners are formulated to reduce static cling and to give the garment a soft feel after laundering.

Typical Application

Added to the final rinse for casual wear, and other home laundered items, such as linens, towels, personal items, etc.

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Shower Pruf Wet-Side

Wet side water repellent.

Makes fabric stain resistant without discoloration.  Excellent for treating ski clothing, tents, sportswear and awnings. Can be applied in a bath or sprayed on.

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Formulated to catalytically destroy odors during the cleaning of garments in water.

Typical Application

Spray this product on to the garment, or use it in the wash cycle to remove the odor from garments that have high levels of body and other similar odors.

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Liquid Laundry Fabric Softner

Powdered sour designed to reduce pH to an acceptable level.  Use with 1340 and other powdered laundry detergents.


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Liquid Sour

pH Restorer

The liquid sour formula is designed to reduce pH to an acceptable level in the final rinse of the 5-Part Laundry Systems.

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Laidlaw Rust Sour

Liquid Laundry Sour and Rust Inhibitor

Liquid sour and rust inhibitor.  Designed to reduce the pH to an acceptable level.  Use where rust and iron is an issue.

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Formula Z

Liquid Laundry Booster

A formula for shirt laundering and wetcleaning that softens water, brightens colors, keeps whites their whitest and removes tough stains.  Use in the washer as a booster, as a pre-spotter in wetcleaning.  Formula Z is effective on blood, grease, oil. grass, fruit, makeup, wine, baby formula, food stains, perspiration, shoe polish, crayon, ink and other tough stains.  Perfect for uniforms, sport and school applications.


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The Fluff formula is an economical way to soften articles processed using the 5-Part Laundry System.

Typical Application

Commercial laundry applications include larger hotels, linen plants, hospitals, as well as other multi-washer operations conducted in a classic manufacturing/process oriented environment. Fluff is necessarily used with the other products that are part of the 5-Part Laundry System; Flex, Liquid Sour, ALK 20, and Bleach.

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Aqua Sunshine Fresh

Liquid Laundry Odor Treatment

Fresh citrus smelling odor treatment deodorant. 

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Alk 20

Alkaline Booster

An Alkaline booster that provides added stain removal capability for the 5-Part Laundry System.

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H-2-O Size

Offers similar performance on the water side of cleaning as does our dry clean sizing brands.

Typical Application

Used in the last rinse when laundering fine washables and casual wear garments, such as silks, slacks (khakis), fine cottons, etc.

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Liquid Starch Finishing Agent

Finishing agent containing natural and synthetic starch ensures a performance consistency across all fabric compositions. Designed to be compatible with injection systems, provides body and stiffness to all types of fabrics.  Does not build up on fabric or presses when used as recommended.

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