Tub & Tile Concentrate

An Acid based cleaner useful for removing calcium, lime, rust and other deposits that can be found on various bathroom surfaces.

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Odor Neutralizer Concentrate

Removes odors that can be found in rooms. Neutralizes the odor and leaves a clean fresh fragrance.

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate

A neutral cleaner that leaves glass and mirrors clean and free of any streaks.

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Floor Cleaner Concentrate

A general purpose cleaner for floors that removes grease, grime and other dirt.

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Bac2Clean Disinfectant Concentrate

Kills viruses, bacteria, and other organisms on hard, non-porous surfaces. Used to disinfect the surfaces that are found in common areas and in the room after a guest leaves.

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Soft Sour

Soft Sour combines the neutralizing capabilities of Liquid Sour with the softening ability of Fluff.

Typical Application

Useful in laundry facilities with limited space, such as a nursing home, assisted living center, small hotel/motel, or in dry cleaning operations with moderate to large shirt laundry operations.  Soft Sour is necessarily coupled with the other two products in the 3-Part Laundry System, Flex Plus and Bleach.

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