Garment Analysis

Adco's Garment Analysis service technicians have been analyzing garments/textiles for more than 20 years. Over this period of time, thousands of articles have passed through our facility. Our service can help spot trends in clothing that may result in cleaning challenges and make recommendation on the proper methods for handling those items. The analysis may also be instrumental in helping to restore a garment that was initially thought to have been ruined, or to identify the cause of the problem for the cleaner and their customer.

Information from the analysis may be helpful in identifying a better method for removing a stain, a means to clean the article while protecting unusual embellishments, preserve color of the garment, or help to restore a textile finish that has been disturbed or even removed. Additionally, every cleaner needs to stay abreast of new trends: the myriad of new fibers being introduced, garment construction techniques, and novel accoutrements.  Adco's Garment Analysis service can help you stay in touch with these trends and help you educate your customers as well.

To have an article analyzed, simply send in your article, enclose a copy of the completed form below (which will be emailed to you and availalbe as a printable pdf upon completion) and remit the $10 handling fee per item (if you are an Adco customer).  If you are not an Adco customer, please enclose $35 per item. The garment will be analyzed and returned to you with a written report.

Adco Garment Analysis Update

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