Dry Cleaning


Cleaning Additive for IPURA® Systems.

PURAclean™ is a new process additive that provides the optimal way to clean with your IPURA® system. PURAclean combines cleaning power, stain removal, moisture control and odor treatment all in one product.  Custom designed for the IPURA system, PURAclean works differently than other additives, by being sprayed onto the load in your IPURA machine through the use of a spray tank connected to the system. By introducing PURAclean directly into the machine, you will experience a more uniform, predictable result than using products that need to be sprayed on every garment outside of the machine.

PURAclean is “The Optimal Way To Clean” with your IPURA  System because it:

Increases Cleaning Performance and Consistency

PURAclean is specially formulated for IPURA systems to help remove stains and soils. The powerful surfactants in PURAclean help provide even and predictable soil and stain removal while being safe for most fabrics and dyes.

Increases Water Soluble Stain Removal & Moisture Control

PURAclean solubilizes moisture to provide better, more consistent water-soluble soil removal, while at the same time helping to prevent excessive wrinkling, felting and shrinkage.

Reduces Need for Pretreatment Stain Removal  

With PURAclean, more stains can be removed in the IPURA machine rather than on the spotting board, so fewer items require pretreatment. Also since the additive is applied evenly on garments within the machine, stain removal is more effective and, therefore, fewer garments need post-spotting.

Reduces Recleans 

PURAclean gets more garments clean the first time, saving you time, labor and money. Users of PURAclean report significant reductions in re-cleans and post-spotting.

Removes Odors

PURAclean’s advanced formulation includes special ingredients that instantly bind with tough odors, so that they are removed without the use of scents or masking agents.

 Does Not Lower the Solvent Flash-Point 

PURAclean will not affect the flash point of high flash hydrocarbon systems. 

Contains no Proposition 65 listed ingredients or halogenated compounds.

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 or call: (800) 821-7556. Toll Free. 

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